My unique services are designed with supporting your wellness in mind.  Always including natural ingredients with exotic aromas from around the globe. Sessions can be detoxifying, exfoliating, extremely relaxing and body harmonizing, focusing on isolated areas or full body.


The Opulent Back Treatment

A sensory delight  with concentration on the back , shoulders & arms using exotic natural aromas.  Invigorating texture of purple corn to smooth and polish the skin followed by a warming lucoma back mask that will comfort tired muscles .

50 minutes / $80

Face & Neck Lymphatic Drainage

This is a very gentle massage therapy used to create better flow of lymphatic fluid under the skin. It is vital for healthy skin as it helps to unclog congested pores, removes blackheads, reduces inflammation, strengthens capillaries, increases circulation of vital nutrients, rids the skin of excess puffiness, smooths skin texture and evens out skin tone. Lymphatic drainage aids in quick healing post dental, cosmetic or reconstructive facial surgery. 

45 minutes   / $60  or  Series of 6   / $330


Ingrown Hair Treatment 

This treatment specifically treats the areas of the body and face that has a population of ingrown hairs. *bikini area, underarms, shaving area of the face* Soothes the irritation, helps the skin to heal. Includes 2oz. Jar of Bye-Bump Green Cream for home care.