Beauty is wellness…..

How you feel matters just as much, if not more than how you look. However , you may notice that when you feel good you shine brighter. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder , but it is felt by the individual through self perception.  I want to help you adjust your self perception. I want you to feel comfortable and confident in your own ability to provide support through self care.

Using over 17 years of combined experience in wellness and skincare, I have curated coaching programs that will guide you into creating you own pockets of peace and solitude while also enhancing your natural beauty. Spa wellness is not only about going to the spa for services. Spa wellness coaching is about using methods for connection to self by using most of what you already have at hand.

Lets work together if you

  • want to build your confidence
  • want to feel beautiful with or without makeup
  • want to improve your skin
  • want to have better stress management
  • want to do for others from a place of loving service vs resentful sacrifice
  • want to feel inspired
  • want to be empowered 

Then lets find out if we are a good fit to work together. Click the link below to schedule a consult with me to determine which program is best for you

 Inner Beauty Awakening

A beauty series designed to renew your skin,explore self connection through guided face massage techniques, consultation and affirmations. You will see yourself in a whole new way ! 

Here’s a review from a client

Masking For Wellbeing

Create your own beauty rituals that will not only enhance your skin but will deepen your appreciation for the value that simple moments of solitude may bring.

*Coming Soon !*

Discovery Of Intentional Wellbeing

Sometimes the heaviness of life can cause overwhelm.  How you manage your responses makes all the difference in how you show up for yourself and others. This fully customized series give you the tools to better support yourself at any moment you may need to.  Understand how to use self care techniques in your day to day life that turn your attention inward rather than outward  for feeling whole, authentic and empowered.