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  • Dien Chan Zone is a wellness therapy proven to be helpful for many conditions. It does not
    replace your Doctors care or advice. Please seek advice from your Doctor for any serious
    concerns or changes.
  • I give permission to my therapist to perform the treatment we have discussed
    and will hold her from any liability that may result from this treatment. I have
    given an accurate account of the questions asked above including all known
    allergies or prescription drugs or products I am currently ingesting or using
  • I agree that this constitutes full disclosure, and that it supersedes any previous
    verbal or written disclosures. I understand the procedure and accept the risks. I
    do not hold the esthetician, whose signature appears below, responsible for any
    of my conditions that were present, but not disclosed at the time of this
    procedure, which may be affected by the treatment performed today.

Therapist: Sandra Hicks