In my opinion facials are just as much about the tactile experience as it is about the outward physical results. When you feel good & have a sense of connection, you radiate beauty from the inside out. These experiences send a signal to the body systems that it is time to slow down. This allows for you to experience a deep rest and reset , which is the ultimate pathway for true rejuvenation of mind, body and skin.


Journey & Shift Experience

Experience a natural face – lift through Connective Tissue manipulation , the compelling force behind this facial. Through a gentle special stretching technique of the tissue covering the muscles the skin is renewed from the inside out. CTM delivers hydration and other vital fluids to the skin, bringing forth a visibly softening of fine lines around the eyes & forehead, a overall firmer, lifted and youthful appearance. Take your skin on a journey backwards in time.

120 minutes / $170

Energetic Flow facial Experience

Experience a higher vibration, a feeling of harmonious flow and glowing skin!  A facial to reduce facial puffiness, tighten skin, diminish fine lines, relieve stress and tension of the face, neck and jaw. Accomplished with a skilled combination of facial cupping, gua sha and face reflexology designed to work with the acupressure points and lymphatic pathways of the face.

75 minutes / $110

Fusion Facial Experience

 Experience a robust facial with a deep cleanse customized for all skin types . Blending advanced facial & neck massage with gem stone massage and kansa wand to promote smooth texture, toned and energetic vibrancy of skin. Feel connected to mind, body & spirit while your skin is nourished with herbal and botanical ingredients that will give your skin an awakening !
60 minutes / $95


The disease of Cancer can affect any one . Are you or a loved one currently in a stage actively fighting or are in remission ? Having a national Oncology certification, approved by the Chinese medicine association and the American Medical association I would like to be a resource of support.  I am able to provide Products to repair chronic dry skin and other conditions as a result from medical treatments. Relaxing and rejuvenating skin sessions are provided with compassion and a sincere desire to help you through the process. Please contact to schedule a consultation.