Five things your esthetician wants you to know

1. Washing your face more than twice per day is unnecessary. Over washing is one way to strip your skin and weaken its protective barrier. This can not only cause drying but can trigger breakouts (there is such a thing as dry skin acne).

2. SPF is your friend. If you want to age gracefully then it’s time to think about sun protection. Although the sun has many benefits for us, it is a fact that prolonged time in the sun without spf will cause the skin to look aged and withered. Not using spf will also derail your ability to get rid of hyperpigmentation.

3. Sleep on non drying fabrics for your pillow cases. Look for 100% cotton, Silk , bamboo, or eucalyptus. One of my fav’s is The Pillowcase by Circadia. Developed by a physician to help prevent sleep lines and moisture loss.

4. Oil is not the enemy. Skin oils have gotten a bad rep, but if you use the right ones they can actually be very healthy for your skin. Some oils are packed with nutrients to help skin to heal and thrive. Many are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and natural anti-inflammatories. One of my favorite brands to purchase facial oils from is Apoterra Skincare. Check out the facial oil post on their blog . Want to place an order with them? Use my code SANDRA10 for 10% off!

5. Hydration is Key! Truth is healthy skin has a good balance of water and oil, yet hydration is the step that many seem to always leave out. Hydrated skin helps your serums to soak into the skin better. Hydration ensures your skin cells are juicy which maintains youthful skin. Hydrating toners also soothe dry, chaffed and sunburned skin. Pro tip: Before applying serums or moisturizer, spray your skin with an alcohol free hydrating toner.

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