It’s more than just a spa service

When you schedule your facial or massage most often you don’t think of it beyond being a relaxing treat. Which of course it totally is and you really should schedule one ! However in my years of experience as a licensed professional I have seen how a simple service has turned into a life saving discovery. As a state licensed pro your esthetician and massage therapist has had to go through many classes for thorough understanding of skin histology and biology. Which is necessary for when working so intimately with the human body.

Although they are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose a disease, estheticians and massage therapists are trained to recognize potentially harmful symptoms or traits for which they will recommend follow up with a physician.

Story time: A woman goes in for a routine body massage. As her therapist is working she feels a bump on her skin. She asks the woman about said bump and she replies that she thought it was maybe a skin tag or a mole. It was on her lower back so she couldn’t really see it. Upon further investigating the therapist realized it was a tick that had been embedded into the skin! Fortunately she was able to detach it (after a few panic screams, lol). The woman had been suffering with a non stop headache along with other minor symptoms for a week, which was part of why she scheduled the massage. As soon as the tick was removed it nearly immediately stopped. Had she not gotten that massage, who knows how long that tick would have continued taking up residence and wreaking havoc!

After providing her with routine monthly facial services, an esthetician notices an area of the skin on her client that seemed to be lacking some pigment and spreading. It was agreed that she should follow up with her physician. It was later discovered that she was indeed dealing with Lupus. The client would have not have thought as much about it had it not been for the relationship with her esthetician. Her early detection made it possible for her to take necessary precautions for her overall health.

A woman was referred by her massage therapist to a local esthetician because he noticed she had several blackheads in the skin of her back. In her first appointment it was noted that she had eight impacted blackheads. She and the esthetician came up with a treatment plan to remove them over time. These were very hard and deep into the skin but they were eventually all removed. The woman said after the first couple of appointments that she felt the difference it made. Prior to these back facials she experienced constant itching on her back. After her sessions the irritations have been relieved.

During a facial an esthetician is often looking for various conditions of the skin, noting each irregularity such as a mole, skin tag or other growths on the skin. When something does not look healthy it is noted and considered with the client. They look for changes in size, shape and color which has proven to be very helpful to some who followed up with their physician and found out they in fact were dealing with skin cancer. It was the bridge that helped save their life!

The whole point is this, don’t discredit your facials and massage appointments. You and your licensed professional are a team working together for your greatest good and optimal wellbeing!

In honor of melanoma awareness, here is something to keep in mind.


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