Reflexology is an art, a scientific and biological method used to help relief stress & pain, as well as support harmony within the body systems. This ancient healing modality has been used for centuries dating back to ancient civilizations of Egypt and China. It has been discovered that there are reflex points and zones on the face, feet, ears and hands.

 Reflexology is a method to initiate communication within the body . Sending signals back and forth and moving energy for the common goal of harmonious flow and optimum well being. A testament to how wondrous the human body is made.


Foot Reflexology

Experience a treat for your feet while reclined comfortably, enjoying a warm eye pillow and steamed towel wrap on the feet. With a few answered questions before the service, your session can be customized to address your physical concerns. If you just need help for aching feet that’s okay too, Reflexology gives you what you need. It is a healing and loving gift of touch.

Face Reflexology

The Dien Chan Zone Method of Reflexology , focuses on zones of the face rather than reflex points to promote healing at a deep level. This extremely relaxing treatment is to give support to the most pressing concern that you have at the moment, be it physical or not. Which is why a detailed consultation is required before you begin, the treatment is not a one size fits all. Each session is customized specific to your individual needs.  It produces results that are often felt immediately while others are felt over time with a homecare protocol. As you lay down comfortably, the service is given with a pointer tool made of a stainless steel tip used to glide over the face. It is truly the reset you have been needing.