The Signature services are dear to my heart as the guiding seat of motivation to support your journey of self care. It’s the gentle nudge that reminds you to be kind towards yourself …to fill your cup first before serving others…to remember you are deserving.

The Skin Solace Ritual

 Designed to provide a deep relaxation experience, your session begins with an aromatic foot soak and ends with a foot massage. During the facial the skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and masked according to your skin specific needs. Followed with advanced face massage, skin cooling jade rolling & a warm Thai herbal poultice that smells invigorating. Your skin will feel renewed, You will feel a true connection to mind, body & spirit !

90 Minutes   / $160



The Solitude Ritual

This is your moment of Solitude. Slip on the robe, feel the tension melt away as a warm herbal wrap is placed upon your neck. Enjoy a hand & arm massage, a lower leg & foot scrub followed with an aromatic foot soak. Complete with a choice of a skin nurturing face mask or a scalp massage.

60 minutes    / $95