Wellness Wednesday 


Services curated to provide you with a supportive nudge mid-week to prioritze self care. Each service is specially designed to be rejuvenating all for 30 minutes or less. These options are mini versions of other services otherwise offered at the hourly rate and only available at these rates on Wednesday’s. Choose one or several to make it a la carte!


Bamboo Fusion heated Face Massage $40

Facial Cupping $50

Ear Candling $30

 Facial Gua Sha Rejuvenation $50

 Foot Reflexology $40

 Full Body Dry Skin Brushing $50

 Purple Corn Back Scrub $45

 Foot Soak $15

 Yomassage Facial $60

Face and Neck Lymphatic Drainage $45

 Face Reflexology $50

Face & Scalp Massage W/ Acupressure $50

Join the membership! $97 for the whole year



Allergy Support Wellness Package

Eliminate or drastically reduce the effects of seasonal allergies with 4 weekly sessions designed to support your natural body defense systems. Includes face and neck manual lymphatic drainage, Dien Chan Zone face reflexology, ear candling and full body dry brushing.