Meet our Staff

Sandra Hicks

Since 2003 Wellness and Holistic care has been my focus as I navigate through the spa industry. After obtaining my esthetic license in 2011 I began working in the traditional way of skincare. Like the majority of many in the industry I did chemical peels, used products that contained synthetic ingredients, relied on the latest technology and equipment to achieve results in the treatment room. What I found was that although those type of services were in high demand they lacked some key factors that I feel are important to having truly healthy and beautiful skin. I remembered what I learned in the early stages of my career…the power of healing touch, creating an environment within the body that facilitates self-healing, the effect of aromatherapy on the mind and body. So I began to incorporate this more and more into my work, focusing my continuing education classes on holistic approaches to skin and body care, gradually weeding out the other stuff. I find that as I worked more in this heart centered way the effects were wonderful! And I eventually decided that I only want to work in this way, so I went back to my roots! I most enjoy working with my hands combined with ancient techniques of skin manipulation and using quality ingredients and tools that are of the earth much more than anything else. I am a low tech, high touch skin therapist who believes in the power of stress relief and nature to accomplish skincare goals.

My studies have led to several certifications such as Reflexology, oncology skincare, Gua Sha, Japanese facial acupressure and massage face lift, traditional Chinese medicine for skincare and several other modalities. I enjoy being a student of holistic care to master my crafts to offer the best services and care to my clients. My career is always an exciting adventure.

Indya Hicks

Front Desk Receptionist and Assistant

She is very personable, compassionate, and has great customer service skills. She is a creative who loves art, travel, music, nature and is quite skilled as a makeup artist. Indya is currently in school for Business management.