Meet our Staff

Sandra Hicks

Sandra Hicks is the owner of Solitude Beauty & Wellness, an intimate spa and wax studio in Dallas, GA with a focus on integrative holistic skincare and body wellness. She began her career in 2003 as a reflexologist and from there, her love of holistic practices grew in combination with her love of beauty in the esthetics industry. She shares an affinity towards ancient traditional eastern modalities and therapy, supporting a peaceful state of rest within the body that facilitates self-healing on the mind, body and skin. She is a low tech, high touch skin therapist so much of her work is done without the need of a lot of equipment, but with skillful use of her hands! She holds various certifications in Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Connective Tissue Manipulation, Facial Gua Sha and hair removal to name a few. Sandra values education so you can often find her involved in a class or two every year. Always striving to learn something new or brush up on something previously taught.

She prides herself on providing big city services and treatments in a small town and strives to provide an experience that goes beyond how you look on the outside- because how you FEEL, matters just as much as how you look. She provides more than a facial, it’s an experience in wellness.